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Twin 9.2m2 Grill Cabin

Grill cabins

Twin 9.2m2 Grill Cabin


Inside area: 2 x 9,2 m² cabin + 4.55 m² corridor
Size: 24-30 people
Timber: Pinewood
Wall thickness: 45 mm
Floor thickness: 18 mm
Roof thickness and finishing: 18 mm; Finnish bitumen shingles
Window size: 880 x 510 mm
Door size: 780 x 1500 mm
Height: 3250 mm
Wall height: 1200 mm

Floor panels
Straight walls
Roof covered with bitumen shingles Double glazed windows ( all opening)
Standard grill cabin door (with the lock and double glazed hexagon window) in the hallway.
Standard bbq grill.
Benches in one of the cabins.
Seat cushions with matching pillows.