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4m x 2.4m Camping pod

Camping pod

4m x 2.4m Camping pod


Size: 3-4 people
Inside area: 7.4 m²
External dimensions: 2.4 m x 4.0 m
Height: 2.6 m
Timber: Pinewood or Thermo-wood
Wall thickness: 46 mm
Floor thickness: 28 mm
Roof finishing: Finnish bitumen shingles
Window size: 700 x 900 mm
Door size: 1030 x 1900 mm

Pod walls covered with the bitumen shingles
Floor from 28 mm pinewood boards
1 double glazed opening window in the back wall
French style double glazed door with the standard handle and the lock
Terrace made from 28 mm impregnated decking boards

Size of the pallet (WxLxH):
1p (1.2 x 4.0 x 1.2) 2100 kg

Size of assembled pod (WxLxH):
(2.4 x 4.1 x 2.6) 2100 kg